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We are a military family with a 2 year old in the middle of a PCS move from Maryland to Oklahoma. Mayflower was contracted by the Army to move our household goods.

We scheduled the move on June 17th and everything was packed up and taken away on June 25th. We were told that our stuff would be here no later than July 7th. Bearing this in mind, we rented a house and having been staying in a hotel awaiting our stuff.

It is now July 6th and we were just told by Mayflower that our stuff is STILL in Maryland!

They have not assigned a driver to it and will not give us an E.T.A. Of course this is not their fault. They blame the Army. According to them, the Army lowered the rate that they will pay the moving companies, so many moving companies won't do PCS moves anymore, so Mayflower is "busy." Translation: Mayflower has a corner on the military move market and is not afraid of losing the contract (since no one else wants it) so they have no reservations about putting military families on the back burner and giving them horrible service.

After all, they're not going to lose our business! We don't have a choice but to go through whomever the Army contracts! Their solution is for us to continue to pay out of pocket to stay in a hotel or to rent furniture and they will reimburse us at some point in the future. Of course it's hard to make a decision like that, since we have NO EARTHLY IDEA about when we can expect our stuff!

Meanwhile, our credit card will rack up interest as we continue to pay for things out of pocket, we'll have to keep eating mediocre, overpriced restaurant food, paying to do our laundry when we own a washer/dryer, etc. etc. while they get their act together.

I will NEVER EVER go through Mayflower when my husband retires. This is how they treat military families who are already under stress.

My 2 year old is miserable stuck in this hotel room. I just want to get him settled into our house and a routine, but that is impossible!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mayflower Transit Moving Service.

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