Swansea, Illinois
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I wish there was a Zero or negative star rating to choose. A well known company and best rated by BBB is not very promising.

I have booked my move on May 22nd and my stuff was packed and loaded on Mayflower(mayflower Dodge) Moving truck on June 18th, 2014. We are moving from Swansea, IL(Suburbs of St. Louis) to Clermont, Florida.Today it's July7th, but no idea when they will deliver it. I was given dates for delivery from June 23rd through June 28th.

They packed it all in one truck and the loading crew told me it's only our stuff so it should rather be quicker. We were supposed to be assigned a driver for our truck on the date of loading the truck which obviously never happened. Tried to contact many a people and Mayflower Customer care but they kept saying they don't have a driver and can't help it. They still have same answer what they had 20 days ago.

We are living in Florida waiting for our truck to arrive since June 23rd. No idea when will they deliver our stuff. Also the inconvenience is far greater than what it seems theoretically. They are supposed to give us $100/day after June 28 onwards for delay but that's nothing in comparison to our frustration, loss of work days, Financial losses etc.

I am just wishing that I should have driven my own stuff by Budget/U-haul truck etc.PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE THIS COMPANY FOR MOVING. Otherwise you may regret it.PLEASE DON'T CHOOSE MAYFLOWER EVER.

Monetary Loss: $78000.

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